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Hybrid Steering Shaft: 35 % Less Weight

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Chassis and Steering

35 % less weight with lightweight design costs of less than € 5/kg: the new hybrid steering shaft, a lightweight tube-in-tube solution with aluminum yokes developed for optimum power flow, represents significant progress in comparison with the reference steering shaft. Its modular design also offers maximum flexibility. Depending on specific customer requirements, the universal joint’s aluminum yokes can be replaced in whole or in part with steel yokes. The high-performance polymer which is used enables the sliding connection to temporarily withstand temperatures up to 200 °C.

In optimizing familiar steering shaft concepts, the ThyssenKrupp developers set themselves a demanding goal: the result should be a significantly lighter steering shaft with at least the same performance and minimal lightweight design costs. A steering shaft which was taken from in-house production and used as a reference reveals a shaft-in-tube sliding system and cold forged steel yokes. Cold forging enables...

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