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Plasma-modified Bipolar Plates for Fuel Cells

  • Springer Fachmedien Wiesbaden

Fuel cell stacks with bipolar plates consisting of surface-modified stainless steel stand out for their space- and weight-saving design. This means that, in theory, an electric zero emission drive with ranges of more than 500 km is possible. This preliminary study shows development approaches for bipolar stainless steel plates which reveal high corrosion resistance and electrical conductivity thanks to plasma modification. They are approximately 60 % cheaper than gold-coated stainless steel bipolar plates. In comparison with bipolar plates consisting of graphite composite, the bipolar stainless steel plates are around 5 % lighter and roughly 25 % smaller.

Bipolar plates connect several hundred individual fuel cells to form a high-performance stack, . They not only ensure that the cells are electrically connected to each other but also conduct the hydrogen and air to the cells and remove water and heat which have occurred there. The requirements on bipolar plates arise from these...

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