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BONDAL E Improves the Acoustics of Electric Motors

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The three-layered composite material Bondal E in the stator of an electric motor reduces sound emissions by up to 10 dB(A). Bondal E’s high structure-borne sound damping is the reason for this and is achieved thanks to a very thin intermediate layer of polymer material. The stacking factor therefore remains virtually unchanged and the electric motor’s power-to-weight ratio is retained. Due to the electric motor’s reduced sound emissions, secondary soundproofing measures can be dispensed. Therefore, package-, weight- and cost reductions must be anticipated in the overall system.

Bondal E is currently being developed specifically for use in electric motors and can significantly improve acoustics thanks to its very good damping characteristics. The composite material has a three-layer structure consisting of two cover sheets with a viscoelastic intermediate layer. Bondal E can be stamped using conventional stamping tools and then assembled.

For use in the stator of an induction motor, the...

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