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Dear Reader,

2009, the 111th year of the ATZ’s existence, saw the publication of initial documentation on a company’s internal research and development project: InCar. The reason for this was that ThyssenKrupp had not only developed and presented individual innovations but an entire raft of solutions at that time. The Group has now further extended this approach with InCar plus. Back in 2009, the focus was still clearly on the body and chassis areas. Today, the solutions developed in interdisciplinary and cross-business unit teams are spread evenly across three topic areas: powertrain, chassis and steering, as well as body. InCar plus therefore contains the Group’s entire automotive know-how.

The express objective of this progression was to surpass the present state of the art in at least one of the criteria of sustainability, weight, economy and performance. The focus was placed on environmentally compatible solutions concerning energy efficiency, electric mobility and lightweight design. The supreme objective of all of these is to support vehicle manufacturers and achieve competitive advantages for them.

And what ThyssenKrupp has achieved in over 30 subprojects comprising more than 40 individual solutions is really very remarkable. Many of these reveal a very high level of maturity and can usually be easily integrated into production. In certain cases, ThyssenKrupp has also developed the corresponding manufacturing or assembly process for implementation in large-scale production.

However, the issue of responsibility is also very important, because a number of these solutions are able to improve environmental performance. This is not least because the Group has scrutinized the entire life cycle of the products and components rather than concentrating on partial areas.

This ATZextra will provide you with an insight into the results of what is the largest development project ever undertaken by a supplier without OEM involvement and, at the same time, the largest individual project ever undertaken by ThyssenKrupp. I hope you enjoy reading about these exciting developments.

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