Analysis and Design of Symmetrical Capacitor Diode Voltage Multiplier Driven by LCL-T Resonant Converter

  • Devesh Malviya
  • Mangesh Balkrishna Borage
  • Sunil Tiwari
Original Contribution


This paper investigates the possibility of application of Resonant Immittance Converters (RICs) as a current source for the current-fed symmetrical Capacitor-Diode Voltage Multiplier (CDVM) with LCL-T Resonant Converter (RC) as an example. Firstly, detailed characterization of the current-fed symmetrical CDVM is carried out using repeated simulations followed by the normalization of the simulation results in order to derive the closed-form curve fit equations to predict the operating modes, output voltage and ripple in terms of operating parameters. RICs, due to their ability to convert voltage source into a current source, become a possible candidate for the realization of current source for the current-fed symmetrical CDVM. Detailed analysis, optimization and design of LCL-T RC with CDVM is performed in this paper. A step by step design procedure for the design of CDVM and the converter is proposed. A 5-stage prototype symmetrical CDVM driven by LCL-T RC to produce 2.5 kV, 50 mA dc output voltage is designed, built and tested to validate the findings of the analysis and simulation.


CDVM Cockcroft–Walton multiplier Current source Resonant converter 


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  1. 1.Department of Electrical EngineeringIndian Institute of Technology DelhiNew Delhi 110016India
  2. 2.Power Electronics DivisionRaja Rammana Centre for Advanced TechnologyIndore 452013India

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