Numerical Investigation of the Turbulent Wind Flow Through Elevated Windbreak

  • Ashish Agarwal
  • Hassan Irtaza
Original Contribution


Analysis of airflow through elevated windbreaks is presented in this paper. Permeable nets and impermeable film increases considerable wind forces on the windbreaks which is susceptible to damage during high wind. A comprehensive numerical investigation has been carried out to analyze the effects of wind on standalone elevated windbreak clad with various permeable nets and an impermeable film. The variation of airflow behavior around and through permeable nets and airflow behavior around impermeable film were also been investigated. Computational fluid dynamics techniques using Reynolds Averaged Navier–Stokes equations has been used to predict the wind force coefficient and thus wind forces on panels supporting permeable nets and impermeable film for turbulent wind flow. Elevated windbreak panels were analyzed for seven different permeable nets having various solidity ratio, specific permeability and aerodynamic resistant coefficients. The permeable nets were modelled as porous jump media obeying Forchheimer’s law and an impermeable film modelled as rigid wall.


CFD RANS Windbreak Solidity ratio Pressure coefficient 


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  1. 1.Department of Civil Engineering, Zakir Hussain College of Engineering and TechnologyAligarh Muslim UniversityAligarhIndia

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