Costas array based key pre-distribution scheme (CAKPS) for WSN and its performance analysis


Security of wireless sensor networks is a major issue to protect sensor nodes from the attacker. Key management or key pre-distribution (KPS) is the preliminary step in the security of a sensor network, where secret keys are loaded into the sensor node’s memory before placement of the node in target positions. Various schemes for KPS have been proposed for location dependent as well as location independent wireless sensor networks. Costas arrays are \(n \times n\) matrices grid represented where dots are placed for the l’s and leave blanks for the 0’s of the matrix for a positive integer n with the property that the vectors connecting two dots of the grid are all distinct as vectors. Costas arrays have a wide range of application including the construction of sonar signal pattern, cryptography, etc. Due to the Costas arrays property of uniqueness among their elements, it can be used in key pre-distribution of wireless sensor networks, especially in a location-dependent grid-based network. In this paper, we have proposed a Costas array based key pre-distribution scheme. Simulations are done on different network scenarios and the results were analyzed. Comparative performance analysis of the scheme is shown for different grid sized network considering various order of Costas array.

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  • Key distribution
  • Costas array
  • Wireless sensor network
  • Sensor grid
  • Security