A Comparative Study of Cubic B-spline-Based Quasi-interpolation and Differential Quadrature Methods for Solving Fourth-Order Parabolic PDEs


In this work, we present two approaches for simulation of fourth-order parabolic partial differential equations. In the first method, cubic B-spline quasi-interpolation is used to approximate the spatial derivative of the dependent variable and forward difference to approximate the time derivative. In the second method, we have used modified cubic B-spline functions-based differential quadrature method (DQM) for space discretization to get a system of ODEs and then this system is solved by SSP-RK43 method to get the results at knots. The numerical results demonstrate the accuracy of the proposed method. The stability analysis of the methods has also been discussed. It is observed that quasi-interpolation-based method is unconditionally stable, whereas for DQM, the stability has to be checked for a large number of space points. Moreover, for the small number of grid points, DQM gives better results, while for a large number of grid points, quasi-interpolation-based method is better.

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SK thanks Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), Government of India [File No: 09/143(0889)/2017-EMR-I], for the financial support given during this work.

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  • Cubic B-spline functions
  • Quasi-interpolation
  • Differential quadrature method
  • Stability