Incidence of In Situ Pollen Germination in Three Species of Viola L. of Uttarakhand


We studied in situ pollen germination in natural populations of Viola canescens Wall., V. biflora L. and V. patrinii Ging., where a part of pollen grains shows a precocious germination while in the anther. In situ germinated pollen tube showed some abnormality in structure that may be due to non-availability of microenvironment. Rest of pollens exhibits the normal dispersal after anther dehiscence and germination on compatible stigma. This phenomenon may contribute to the reproductive efficiency.

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Authors thank the University of Delhi for providing Research and Development Grant (No. RC/2015/9677) and University Grants Commission (No. SCF/Ph.D/3798).

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  • Precocious pollen germination
  • Reproductive potential
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