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Transparent software development between theory and practice

  • Sven Erik Knop
Development Software

End-to-end documentation and transparency throughout the entire software development process are crucial — in the light of megatrends like digitization, but also for legal and economic reasons. However, although companies have long since agreed that they need a seamless audit trail during the whole software lifecycle, its practical implementation often falls by the wayside. This is why it is essential that firms rethink things on a technical and organizational level in order to align theory with practice, particulary in small and midsize companies. Perforce wants to sensibilize.


Today’s intelligent driver assistance sytems, smart cars and even autonomous cars make these things seem hopelessly antiquated today. No wonder — today’s cars have become digital miracles. In fact, many modern cars have more lines of software code in them than a Boeing 787.

The bigger the role that software plays in enabling a car to function, the more far-reaching the consequences of a defect in...

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