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The New Mercedes-Benz In-line Six-cylinder Gasoline Engine with 48-V Electrification

  • Oliver Vollrath
  • Oliver Storz
  • Peter Lautenschütz
  • Katharina Buchholz

The new in-line six-cylinder engine from Daimler marks the start of a new engine category with systematic electrification. The combination of internal combustion engine and 48-V electrification creates the basis for further advances in comfort, fuel consumption and performance.

Engine and Overall Concept

The M 256 is the latest member of the new Mercedes-Benz four- and six-cylinder engine family. A wide range of newly introduced technologies and advancements, Figure 1, form the basis for also ensuring compliance with future, more stringent CO 2limits and emissions laws and regulations. For this purpose, particular attention was paid right from the start of the development process to ensuring that the basic engine and electrification resulted in a harmonious overall concept. In addition to the numerous combustion and friction optimizations, the electrification of the powertrain and the introduction of a combined 12-/48-V on-board electrical system play a decisive role in achieving...

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  • Oliver Vollrath
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  • Oliver Storz
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  • Peter Lautenschütz
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  • Katharina Buchholz
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