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“Touch functions are replacing traditional controls”

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Buttons and knobs are becoming a thing of the past. Today, most drivers want integrated touch screens in their vehicles. But how can the way in which we have become accustomed to using our smartphones be safely transferred into the cockpit of a car? How does a supplier of Human-Machine Interfaces (HMI) manage the technological change involved in autonomous driving? Jochen Ehrenberg, Managing Director Product Development & Plants (CTO) of Preh, answers these questions and more in our interview.

ATZ _ Jochen Ehrenberg, the automotive industry is in a state of flux as a result of electric mobility and autonomous driving. Can you identify in more detail the influences that these trends are having on your field of HMI and control systems?

EHRENBERG_ It goes without saying that these two megatrends are having an impact on our HMI business. In both current and future vehicle platforms, we are seeing a significant reduction in the number of buttons and knobs, which are the traditional...

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