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The Long Goodbye to the Travel Blanket

  • Stefan Schlott
History Climate Comfort

The pioneering drivers of the earliest cars must have been tough. They did not even have any protection from the wind until the first windshields were fitted. The path that led to heating, climate comfort windshields, and multi-zone air conditioning systems can be traced in the pages of ATZ and consists of a constant stream of innovations. They not only made car travelers feel more comfortable, but also improved road safety.

Although the introduction of all-round windows for cars was still decades away, the installation of front windshields proved to be a blessing for vehicle occupants. In 1910, the French company Hullier was the first car manufacturer in the world to offer windshields as standard. The absence of methods for forming glass led to flat panes being fitted into ready-made frames. The result was the so-called split screens that were to be seen on our roads for many years to come.

In 1921, Edmund Rumpler, who has already featured in this series of articles, dispensed with...

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