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Integrated Brake System without Compromises in Functionality

  • Hans-Jörg Feigel
Development Brakes

The MK C1 integrated brake system from Continental pairs Electronic Stability Control (ESC) with an innovative activation system in one compact, weight-saving unit. In addition to supporting unlimited recuperation in hybrid and electric vehicles, the new development combines high braking force dynamics with precise and quiet pressure control for enhanced comfort and safety functions.


The architecture of braking systems in today’s passenger cars is a result of historical evolution. Hydraulic modulation of brake force later supplemented the original task of activation. This first made it easier to control braking (ABS), before heightened stability through electronically controlled intervention (ESC) made its appearance. A third component now commonly supplements the two system components above: a vacuum pump works in conjunction with a brake booster because, in the interest of efficiency, modern vehicle engines should not be restricted. Braking systems today consist of two and often...


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