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Energy and Sustainability Aspects of Drive Systems

  • Willibald Prestl
  • Volkmar Wagner
Cover Story Life Cycle Assessments

Electric mobility is on the way towards consolidating its place as an established form of mobility in the future. Given the appropriate contextual conditions, with a holistic approach geared to sustainability and good integration into a renewable energy supply system, it offers numerous benefits. According to research by BMW, conventional mobility will, however, continue to be secure in its existence in the long term due to the many benefits that a hydrocarbon-based energy supply has to offer.


The first battery electric vehicles (BEVs) with a plausible claim to series production maturity are currently arriving on the market. The spectrum of reports so far has ranged from overwhelming euphoria at the prospects for the rapid and revolutionary replacement of conventional drive systems to concerns being raised that the electric car is in fact an ecologically senseless consumer of carbon-based power. These reactions are often isolated analyses and do not arise from consideration...


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  • Willibald Prestl
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  • Volkmar Wagner
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