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Close to the wind

  • Alexander Heintzel

Dear Reader,

When a new captain steps onto the bridge of a flagship like ATZ/MTZ, he is met with curiosity and high expectations. The previous captains, Wolfgang Siebenpfeiffer and Johannes Winterhagen, steered ATZ/MTZ onto an excellent course, keeping it well ahead of its competitors. The aim is to consolidate this course and further extend our lead. In doing so, ATZ/MTZ must never merely follow developments but must always act from a leading position. Its objective is not only to include new topics in its portfolio and to focus on the latest developments, both in domestic brands and among importers. It also has to further develop the electronic availability of our media, which is one of the greatest challenges of the immediate future. Our editorial team will be working extremely hard to ensure that ATZ/MTZ, ATZelektronik and ATZproduktion continue to have an outstanding presence as electronic media.

Innovation is not an end in itself but is a cocktail of quality and continuity, with a dash of enthusiasm for everything new and garnished with a tasty slice of “esprit”. A sense of proportion is called for, because a development can only lead to success if it is based on what has already been accomplished. The recipe must therefore be a well-balanced one, with a blend of subtle tastes that whet your appetite for more. You may have noticed that I love cooking, especially Italian food. Applied to a magazine, this means that the readers must above all enjoy what they are reading and gain benefit from it. ATZ/MTZ has always understood how to do this in an excellent manner, and the new digital contents at “Springer für Professionals” will soon be offering even more information and topicality.

Accompanying automotive and engine technology and the very latest electronic developments in a journalistic form means being constantly open to innovation. There are few industries that are developing and changing so rapidly. At present, this sector is dominated by environmental and transport policy issues. But beyond this, we must never forget the sheer fascination that comes from cars and their technology. Only with a generous portion of “petrol in our blood” we will be able to continue sailing close to the wind — and therefore go faster than the rest.

Best regards,

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