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Prospects for electric power steering

  • Paul Poirel
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With electric power steering (EPS) systems taking a growing share of the market, Nexteer Automotive has developed a flexible electronic control architecture that caters for a diverse range of steering applications. The engineers can thus enhance EPS systems for small city cars so they are suitable for bigger, more powerful models.

Reducing CO2 Emissions

The transition from hydraulic to electric power-assisted steering (EPS) is helping manufacturers to reduce vehicle CO2 emissions. Advances in the technology mean that EPS is able to match traditional power steering for feel. Further developments will improve systems’ packaging, compatibility with higher voltage vehicle systems and will also enable the introduction of a new generation of electronic functions.

First introduced to mainstream applications on the 1999 Fiat Punto, EPS is a technology that Nexteer Automotive pioneered in small cars and which is now finding applications in larger vehicles. By providing assistance on-demand, EPS...

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