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Researchers develop adhesive with resistance to condensation and iced water

The biggest transfer project at the Hochschule Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences, which was funded with a total of €7.48 million, has now been successfully completed. One of the five sub-projects focused on adhesive bonding.

For four years, German and Dutch scientists and entrepreneurs have been carrying out cross-border research on functional surfaces. The results of the binational Joint Technology Project Functional Surface (TKV FO) have now been presented in Marl.

The primary aim of the project, which had five thematic columns, was further development in the field of functional surfaces with the aim of conserving resources. Research was carried out on antibacterial self-cleaning, cold-cleaning and fast-cleaning surfaces, micro-galvanised coatings, innovative textile printing technologies and low-pollutant adhesive solutions, as well as adhesives that are resistant to condensation and iced water. The...

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