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Flexible Pre-Treatment System for Agricultural and Construction Machinery

Effective Protection in Challenging Conditions
  • Thomas Vortmüller
Cleaning and Pre-Treatment

Agricultural and construction machines have to withstand tough conditions and must function effectively over long periods. Alongside a high-quality surface finish, the cost-effectiveness and flexibility of the pre-treatment system are playing an increasingly important role. New phosphate-free systems that can be used with a variety of metals meet all these market requirements.

Surface treatment technologies are put to the test on a daily basis in the agricultural, construction and earthmoving (ACE) industry. Off-road vehicles, construction machinery, industrial machines and agricultural vehicles must withstand sometimes harsh conditions and remain functional for many years. While extreme robustness and durability are required, on the one hand, the chassis, cross members and add-ons for economic reasons sometimes only receive a one- or two-layer coating, on the other. In addition, also the strongly varying base materials for their production must be considered. In the field of...

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