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Reducing Costs by More Than 50 Percent

Interim and Final Cleaning of Powertrain Components
  • Doris Schulz
Cleaning and Pre-Treatment

The latest cleaning systems not only meet the high cleanliness standards of the automotive industry, but also reduce the cost of the interim and final cleaning of powertrain components by more than 50 percent. Other benefits include a highly reliable process and excellent cleaning quality, together with an improved level of system availability.

The ongoing process of engine downsizing has led to the standards for the removal of particulate matter from engine and gearbox components being raised. On the one hand, this results in the need for highly efficient cleaning systems, while, on the other hand, very short cycle times are also required. At the same time, efforts are being made throughout the automotive industry to improve sustainability and resource efficiency even further. In order to reconcile these apparently contradictory requirements, Dürr Ecoclean has developed a number of innovative solutions for interim and final cleaning of powertrain parts. The company has succeeded in...

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