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Improved Long-Term Protection for Agricultural and Construction Machinery

New Pre-Treatment Process
  • Thomas Willumeit
Cleaning and Pre-Treatment

Agricultural and construction machines operate in very tough conditions. Alongside a high-quality surface finish, the cost-effectiveness and flexibility of the pre-treatment system are playing an increasingly important role. A newly developed, phosphate-free process that can be used with a variety of metals provides excellent long-term protection for machinery and vehicles.

Surface technologies are put to the test on a daily basis in the agricultural and construction machinery industry. Off-road vehicles, construction equipment, industrial machines and agricultural vehicles have to withstand demanding conditions and and remain functional for many years. While, on the one hand, the machines must be highly robust and have a long service life, on the other, the chassis, crossbeams and add-on parts are generally only given one or two coatings for cost reasons.

Another factor is the wide variety of materials used in production. The pre-treatment technologies in the agricultural and...

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