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Plasma for Aviation and Aerospace Industries

Environmentally Friendly and Process Reliable
  • Inès A. Melamies
  • Wally Hansen
  • Plasmatreat GmbH
Cleaning and Pre-Treatment

To achieve the required corrosion protection and long-term stable adhesion on aircraft surfaces there is an environmentally friendly and process reliable method. Atmospheric pressure plasma is currently undergoing intensive testing in the aircraft construction industry.

The shiny, high gloss paints and coatings on the commercial airlines are not just for visual appearance. Their real purpose is to protect the high strength aluminum structure from the harsh environmental conditions that the aircraft will face over many years of service. The paint must protect the plane from corrosion due to moisture ingression and erosion due rain, hail and runway debris. The trend towards use of advanced composites in aircraft brings a new set of challenges to surface pretreatment and coating performance.

Surface pretreatment of the aluminum is the first step of a multi-step coating process of acid etchings, conversion coatings, primers and top coats. These processes are well established and governed...

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