Table 5 Display of the summary of results

From: Evidence-based uncertainty: do implant-related properties of titanium reduce the susceptibility to perioperative infections in clinical fracture management? A systematic review

Reference Year of publication Type of study Title Influence on implant related properties on the susceptibility to infection
Mohamed et al [5] Systematic review Clinical outcomes and complications of titanium versus stainless steel elastic nail in management of paediatric femoral fractures—a systematic review No statistical difference
Pieske et al [6] RCT Titanium Alloy Pins Versus Stainless Steel Pins in External Fixation at the Wrist: A Randomized Prospective Study No statistical difference
Rozental et al [8] Retrospective clinical trial Functional Outcome and Complications Following Two Types of Dorsal Plating for Unstable Fractures of the Distal Part of the Radius No statistical difference
Voggenreiter et al [9] Retrospective clinical trial Immuno-inflammatory tissue reaction to stainless-steel and titanium platesusedforinternalfixationoflongbones No statistical difference
Arens et al [7] RCT Infection after open reduction and internal fixation with dynamic compression plates—Clinical and experimental data No statistical difference