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Four clusters of Trichostrongylus infection diagnosed in a single center, in Italy

  • Dora Buonfrate
  • Andrea Angheben
  • Federico Gobbi
  • Manuela Mistretta
  • Monica Degani
  • Zeno Bisoffi
Case Report


Trichostrongylus spp. are parasites that are seldom recognized as a cause of eosinophilia and gastroenteric symptoms in industrialized countries. The index of suspicion raises when several members of a same household present eosinophilia. We report four clusters of Trichostrongylus infection diagnosed in a single center, in northern Italy. Patients came from four different provinces of three Italian Regions. Some patients presented symptoms (abdominal pain and diarrhea were the most frequent ones, reported by 67 and 42% of our patients, respectively), while other were asymptomatic. All of them presented eosinophilia, that was severe (>5000 eosinophils/mmc) in 58% cases. Obtaining an accurate history from patients, investigating possible ingestion of vegetables contaminated by organic manure or sheep dejections, is particularly important to achieve diagnosis, also in light of the low sensitivity of parasitological tests.


Eosinophilia Trichostrongylus Helminth infection Italy 


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  1. 1.Centre for Tropical DiseasesOspedale Sacro Cuore Don CalabriaNegrarItaly

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