Secondary bladder amyloidosis due to Crohn’s disease: a case report and literature review


The presence of amyloid deposits in bladder walls is a rare histological finding. It can be linked to primary (limited to bladder) or secondary (systemic, associated with chronic inflammatory disorders) amyloidosis. Secondary bladder involvement is very uncommon; it usually presents with gross hematuria, which is challenging to manage, due to frail bladder mucosa and/or necrosis. We present a case of 54-year old man with secondary bladder amyloidosis due to Crohn’s disease, that caused gross hematuria and severe anemia, which was managed conservatively by endoscopic transurethral resection, diatermocoagulation, clot evacuation and urinary drainage by bilateral percutaneous nephrostomy, with spontaneous resolution. Secondary bladder amyloidosis is a rare condition that presents with severe hematuria, difficult to control with standard management. Owing to chronic nature of the disease, treatment should be aimed to a conservative approach whenever possible. In case of failure, invasive procedures should be considered as salvage therapies.

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