Aortic dissection or spontaneous renal artery dissection, a rare diagnosis?


Spontaneous renal artery dissection (SRAD) is a rare entity causing muscle spasm due to acute low back pain, back pain, or flank pain symptoms or misleading clinical diagnosis such as renal colic. A 25-year-old Syrian male refugee presented to the emergency department with sudden onset of left-sided flank pain in the evening. Physical examination results were normal except left-sided costovertebral angle sensitivity. Abdominal, pelvic and thoracic contrast computed tomography angiography (CTA) was performed to evaluate aortic dissection, which was our urgent preliminary diagnosis. Left renal artery dissection was detected in CTA. The patient was treated with medical conservative treatment and spontaneous recovery was observed during the follow-up period. Early detection of SRAD in the emergency department can be difficult due to the fact that the clinical presentation is misleading.

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