Table 1 Application levels of geometallurgical programme

From: The mechanisms of decision-making when applying geometallurgical approach to the mining industry

Level Name Geological database Metallurgical testing Model Simulation Actions Players Mapping Continuity
0 None X     None None No No
1 Data collecting X X    geologist and mineral processing engineers
2 Visualization X X Y*  
3 Forecasting X X X  
4 Changing process X X X   Corrective
5 Constraining X X X   Preventive and mining engineer Yes
6 Production planning X X X Y* and economist, maintenance, automation engineers Yes
7 Managing production scenarios X X X X and QEHS** engineer, environmentalists, sellers of concentrate, product buyers, metallurgists, shareholders
  1. *Y is not obligatory
  2. **QEHS, Quality, Environmental, Health and Safety