Completability and optimal factorization norms in tensor products of Banach function spaces


Given \(\sigma \)-finite measure spaces \((\Omega _1,\Sigma _1, \mu _1)\) and \((\Omega _2,\Sigma _2,\mu _2)\), we consider Banach spaces \(X_1(\mu _1)\) and \(X_2(\mu _2)\), consisting of \(L^0 (\mu _1)\) and \(L^0 (\mu _2)\) measurable functions respectively, and study when the completion of the simple tensors in the projective tensor product \(X_1(\mu _1) \otimes _\pi X_2(\mu _2)\) is continuously included in the metric space of measurable functions \(L^0(\mu _1 \otimes \mu _2)\). In particular, we prove that the elements of the completion of the projective tensor product of \(L^p\)-spaces are measurable functions with respect to the product measure. Assuming certain conditions, we finally show that given a bounded linear operator \(T:X_1(\mu _1) \otimes _\pi X_2(\mu _2) \rightarrow E\) (where E is a Banach space), a norm can be found for T to be bounded, which is ‘minimal’ with respect to a given property (2-rectangularity). The same technique may work for the case of n-spaces.

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  • Product measure
  • Banach function space
  • Bilinear operator
  • Tensor product
  • Factorization

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