Ps-normal and Ps-Tychonoff spaces


A space X is called Ps-normal(Ps-Tychonoff) space if there exists a normal(Tychonoff) space Y and a bijection \(f: X\mapsto Y\) such that \(f|_K:K\mapsto f(K)\) is homeomorphism for any pseudocompact subset K of X. We establish a few relations between C-normal, CC-normal, L-normal, C-Tychonoff, CC-Tychonoff spaces with Ps-normal and Ps-Tychonoff spaces.

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The authors would like to thank to Professor Sudip Kumar Acharyya and Professor Asit Baran Raha for their valuable suggestions. The authors also wish to thank the learned referee for his/her suggestions that improved the article.

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  • Ps-Tychonoff
  • C–Tychonoff
  • L-Tychonoff
  • Ps-normal
  • C-normal
  • CC-normal

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