Dynamic Model and Intelligent Optimal Controller of Flexible Link Manipulator System with Payload Uncertainty


There is a high interest in research for using flexible link manipulators in industrial robots as flexible link manipulators are more advantageous than heavy and rigid link manipulators. However, flexible link manipulators still have a critical problem of less accuracy due to their tip vibration. Thus, this research contributes to this topic by obtaining a mathematical model and proposing an intelligent optimal controller for a single-flexible link manipulator with variable payload. The study developed the mathematical model of the single-flexible link manipulator using finite element method and Lagrange’s equation, the mathematical model of the flexible link manipulator has been validated with a SimMechamics model. The novel intelligent optimal controller is an integration of a fuzzy logic controller and an optimal linear quadratic regulator controller, the proposed intelligent optimal controller has the advantages of simplicity and effectiveness for position tracking and vibration suppression. The concept of integrating the fuzzy and linear quadratic regulator solves the problem of rules’ explosion of fuzzy control as only uses the minimum and active rules. The proposed controller has shown better position tracking performance and has demonstrated better effectiveness for vibration suppression of the flexible link manipulator than the linear quadratic regulator controller. Furthermore, the proposed controller is more robust than the linear quadratic regulator controller for dealing with uncertainties.

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The authors would like to express their thanks to Multimedia University (MMU) for supporting this research through MMU GRA Scheme (MMUI/180265) and to thank the reviewers for their constructive comments.

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  • Flexible link manipulator
  • Finite element method
  • Fuzzy logic control
  • Linear quadratic regulator
  • Intelligent optimal controller