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Evaluation of the Forward Osmosis Performance of Cellulose Acetate Nanocomposite Membranes

  • Rajesha KumarEmail author
  • Mansour Ahmed
  • B. Garudachari
  • Jibu P. Thomas
Research Article - Chemical Engineering


The polydopamine-modified halloysite nanotubes (DHNT) were synthesized for the improved dispersion in CA membrane matrix to obtain a CA-DHNT mixed matrix forward osmosis (FO) membranes. The FO membranes were characterized by Raman spectroscopy, porosity measurement, and contact angle study. The altered viscosities of the dope solutions with different concentrations of DHNT were measured and its effect on resultant FO membrane morphological features was studied. The CA-DHNT hybrid membranes produced high water permeation and low salt permeability owing to their high hydrophilicity, dense top layers, and due to the formation of a more sponge-like structures in their cross sections. The loading of 0.5 wt% of DHNTs was optimized composition for the loading and the same membrane witnessed a maximum of \(16\,\,\hbox {L}/\hbox {m}^{2}\hbox {h}\) FO water flux and performed better than commercial HTI FO membrane. This study demonstrated the competent nature of DHNTs toward the fabrication of potential FO membranes with least salt permeability and high water permeation properties.


Nanocomposite membranes Halloysite nanotube Forward osmosis Morphology Antifouling 


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Authors are thankful to the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR) for funding and supporting the implementation of this research work. Furthermore, we would like to acknowledge, with much appreciation, the crucial role played by the staff of the Doha Research Station of KISR, who helped us to assemble the experimental setup and gave fruitful comments and advice.


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    Email author
  • Mansour Ahmed
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  • B. Garudachari
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  • Jibu P. Thomas
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