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Caesium Salt of Tungstophosphoric Acid Supported on Mesoporous SBA-15 Catalyst for Selective Esterification of Lauric Acid with Glycerol to Monolaurin

  • Syamima Nasrin Mohamed Saleh
  • Mohd Hizami Mohd Yusoff
  • Ahmad Zuhairi AbdullahEmail author
Research Article - Chemical Engineering


\(\hbox {Cs}_{2.5}\hbox {H}_{0.5}\hbox {PW}_{12}\hbox {O}_{40}\) supported on SBA-15 catalysts were prepared via two-sequential-step post-impregnation method with different ratios of cesium salt. The synthesized catalysts were then characterized using nitrogen adsorption–desorption, FTIR, EDX, SEM, BET and TGA analyses in order to determine the physicochemical properties of the catalysts. The activity of the catalysts in the esterification of glycerol to monolaurin was investigated under various reaction parameters including catalyst loadings, reaction temperatures and glycerol-to-lauric acid molar ratio. The highest lauric acid conversion (71.8%) with 44.9% of monolaurin yield was obtained using 20 wt%Cs-HPW/SBA-15 catalyst in 4 h at 170 \({^{\circ }}\hbox {C}\) using 4:1 of glycerol-to-lauric acid molar ratio and 2.5 wt% of catalyst loading. This catalyst was stable and reusable for up to three cycles in the esterification reaction without significant loss in catalytic activity.


12-Tungstophosphoric acid SBA-15 Selective esterification Lauric acid Monolaurin 


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A Research University Grant (814181) and a Dana Inovasi Awal Grant (AUPI00234) from Universiti Sains Malaysia and a Transdisciplinary Research Grant Scheme (6762001) from the Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia are gratefully acknowledged.


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  • Syamima Nasrin Mohamed Saleh
    • 1
  • Mohd Hizami Mohd Yusoff
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  • Ahmad Zuhairi Abdullah
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    Email author
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