Table 2 Stratigraphic position of selected lower and middle Jurassic localities with cyrtocrinids used in Fig. 3

From: Emergence and early radiation of cyrtocrinids, with new species from a Lower to Middle Jurassic rock reef of Feuguerolles (Normandy, France)

Localities References Stage Genera
NW Turkey (Sögüt) Delogu and Nicosia (1986) Pliensbachian Capsicocrinus
Glasenbach (Austria) Thuy et al. (2014) Sinemurian–Pliensbachian Eudesicrinus, Cotylederma, Sacariacrinus, Fusicrinus
S England (West Bay) Simms (1989) Upper Toarcian Praetetracrinus
Central Italy (Tivoli) Manni and Nicosia (1990) Lower Toarcian Cotylederma, Paracotylederma, Eudesicrinus, Dinardocrinus
NW Turkey (various) Nicosia (1991) Upper Sinemurian/lower Pliensbachian Cotylederma, Eudesicrinus, Sacariacrinus, Tetracrinus, Quenstedticrinus, Bilecicrinus
S Germany (Sulzkirchen) Jäger (1991) Upper Pliensbachian Cotylederma, Eudesicrinus
S Germany (Sulzkirchen) Jäger (1993) Upper Pliensbachian Eudesicrinus, Plicatocrinus
Germany (various) Jäger (1995) Upper Toarcian–Aalenian Praetetracrinus
Central Italy (Piobbico, Terni) Manni and Nicosia (1999) Pliensbachian Nerocrinus
Southern Switzerland (Arzo) Hess (2006) Upper Pliensbachian Cotylederma, Eudesicrinus, Sacariacrinus, Quenstedticrinus, Tetracrinus, Bilecicrinus, Arzocrinus, Nerocrinus, Ticinocrinus, Fusicrinus, Castaneacrinus
NW France (Feuguerolles, May) This paper Loriol (1882) Upper Pliensbachian–lower Aalenian Cotylederma, Eudesicrinus, Tetracrinus, Praetetracrinus, Sacariacrinus, (Quenstedticrinus)
France (Ardèche) Hess (2012) Bathonian Lonchocrinus, Phyllocrinus, Scutellacrinus, Praetetracrinus, Cyrtocrinus, Dolichocrinus