Table 1 Taxa referred to Parasemionotidae Stensiö, 1932 (=Ospiidae Stensiö, 1932)

From: Marine Early Triassic Osteichthyes from Spiti, Indian Himalayas

Genus Species Locality References
Parasemionotus P. labordei Madagascar (northwest and southwest) Priem (1924), Piveteau (1929), Lehman et al. (1959), Uyeno (1978)
P. besairiei Madagascar (southwest) Lehman et al. (1959)
Parasemionotus sp. Greenland Nielsen (1936)
Ospia O. whitei Greenland Stensiö (1932)
Ospia sp. Madagascar (northwest) Beltan (1968)
Broughia B. perleididoides Greenland Stensiö (1932)
Broughia sp. Madagascar (northwest) Beltan (1968)
Watsonulus W. eugnathoides Madagascar (northwest and southwest) Piveteau (1934, 1939–1940), Brough (1939), Lehman (1952), Lehman et al. (1959), Beltan (1968), Olsen (1984), Grande and Bemis (1998)
Watsonulus sp. Greenland Nielsen (1936)
cf. W. cf. eugnathoides India, Himachal Pradesh This study
Stensionotus S. intercessus Madagascar (northwest) Lehman (1952)
S. dongchangensis China, Jiangsu Liu et al. (2002)
Jacobulus J. novus Madagascar (northwest) Lehman (1952)
Thomasinotus T. divisus Madagascar (northwest) Lehman (1952)
Thomasinotus sp. Madagascar (southwest) Lehman et al. (1959)
Albertonia A. cupidinia Canada, British Columbia and Alberta Lambe (1916), Gardiner (1966), Schaeffer and Mangus (1976), Neuman (2015)
Albertonia sp. Canada, British Columbia and Alberta Davies et al. (1997)
Lehmanotus L. markubai Madagascar (northwest) Beltan (1968)
Devillersia D. madagascariensis Madagascar (northwest) Beltan (1968)
Piveteaunotus P. ifasiensis Madagascar (northwest) Beltan (1968)
Icarealcyon I. malagasium Madagascar (northwest) Beltan (1980, 1984)
Jurongia J. fusiformis China, Jiangsu and Anhui Liu et al. (2002), Tong et al. (2006)
Qingshania Q. cercida China, Jiangsu and Anhui Liu et al. (2002), Tong et al. (2006)
Suius S. brevis China, Jiangsu Liu et al. (2002)
S. cf. brevis China, Anhui Tong et al. (2006)
Parasemionotidae indet. Greenland Patterson (1973, 1975)
Parasemionotidae indet. Canada, British Columbia and Alberta Schaeffer and Mangus (1976), Neuman (2015)
  1. Genera are sorted in the respective order of publication of their first description