Weighted inequalities for integral operators on Lebesgue and \(BMO^{\gamma }(\omega )\) spaces



We characterize the power weights \(\omega \) for which the fractional type operator \(T_{\alpha ,\beta }\) is bounded from \(L^p (\omega ^p)\) into \(L^q (\omega ^q)\) for \(1< p < n/(n- (\alpha + \beta ))\) and \(1/q = 1/p - (n- (\alpha + \beta ))/n\). If \(n/(n-(\alpha + \beta )) \le p < n/(n -(\alpha +\beta ) -1)^{+}\) we prove that \(T_{\alpha ,\beta }\) is bounded from a weighted weak \(L^p\) space into a suitable weighted \(BMO^\delta \) space for weights satisfying a doubling condition and a reverse Hölder condition. Also, we prove the boundedness of \(T_{\alpha ,\beta }\) from a weighted local space \(BMO_{0}^{\gamma }\) into a weighted \(BMO^\delta \) space, for weights satisfying a doubling condition.


BMO spaces Lebesgue spaces Weighted inequalities Integral operators 

Mathematics Subject Classification

30H35 42B25 42B35 



The authors wish to thank Eleonor Harboure and the referee for helpful comments and suggestions.


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  1. 1.CIEM (CONICET), FaMAFUniversidad Nacional de CórdobaCórdobaArgentina

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