On Teichmüller space of circle diffeomorphisms with Hölder continuous derivative


Matsuzaki [M1] introduced the Teichmüller space \(T_{0}^{\alpha }\) of diffeomorphisms of the unit circle with Hölder continuous derivatives and investigated its Schwarzian derivative model. This paper deals with the pre-Schwarzian derivative model \(T_{0}^{\alpha }(1)\) of the Teichmüller space \(T_{0}^{\alpha }\). It is shown that \(T_{0}^{\alpha }(1)\) is a connected open subset of \({\mathcal {B}}_{0}^{\alpha }(\Delta )\) and the pre-Bers projection is a holomorphic split submersion in \(T_{0}^{\alpha }\).

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All data, models, and code generated or used during the study appear in the submitted article.


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The authors would like to thank the referee for a very careful reading of the manuscript and for several corrections which greatly improves the presentation of the paper. This work was supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant No. 12061022).

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  • Universal Teichmüller space
  • Diffeomorphism
  • Hölder continuous derivative
  • Logarithmic derivative
  • pre-Bers projection

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  • Primary 30C62
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