The sudden outbreak of COVID D-19 on the scene has rapidly changed the way we all live our lives. We have quickly learned that finding the compass in this confounding scenario is not absolutely easy.

Every time we are sure we have found a truth, there is another one, behind the door, waiting for us. We are, therefore, very thankful to the many authors who have been willing to give us their piece of truth, trusting us with their work and thus helping all of us to understand what is going on and how we may better face our future.

Outstanding surgical schools in Beijing and Padua, Rome and Rennes, Sicily and Turin, Milan, Pisa and many other cities scattered throughout Italy have made an effort to analyze, from their point of observation, the reality which unfolded before their eyes. Particularly, words from Beijing, China, where the virus first became evident, appear to us as the “Moses tables”; we should not forget, for future fights that might be waiting for us.

Updates in Surgery is, therefore, proud to open this issue with a section dedicated to COVID D-19, hoping to give meaningful advice for the sake of our patients and ourselves. This is followed by an Editorial from the Verona School of Pancreas which introduces our regular issue, full of stimulating suggestions for our readers.

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