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Table 4 Main data sources used in the study

From: Global seafood consumption footprint

Data Data source
Aquaculture production FAO (2016a, b)
Catches from fisheries FAO (2016a, b)
Production of fishmeal FAO (2016a, b)
Production of processed fish commodities FAO (2016a, b)
Trade of fish commodities COMTRADE (2017)
Apparent consumption of fish FAO Food balance sheets (2017)
Coefficient for the conversion of fish commodities into live weight EUMOFA (2015)
Livestock (pigs and chicken) production FAOSTAT (2017)
Ratio of aquaculture production on aquafeed and economic feed conversion ratio and ratio of fishmeal and fish oil in aquafeed Tacon and Metian (2015), Shepherd and Jackson (2013)
Proportion of fish for reduction into fishmeal and fish oil Tacon and Metian (2015), Alder et al. (2008)