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Climate Change and Mitigation

  • Kerstin Nibleus
  • Rickard Lundin


Planet Earth has experienced repeated changes of its climate throughout time. Periods warmer than today as well as much colder, during glacial episodes, have alternated. In our time, rapid population growth with increased demand for natural resources and energy, has made society increasingly vulnerable to environmental changes, both natural and those caused by man; human activity is clearly affecting the radiation balance of the Earth. In the session “Climate Change and Mitigation” the speakers offered four different views on coal and CO2: the basis for life, but also a major hazard with impact on Earth’s climate. A common denominator in the presentations was that more than ever science and technology is required. We need not only understand the mechanisms for climate change and climate variability, we also need to identify means to remedy the anthropogenic influence on Earth’s climate.


Climate change Carbon sequestration Methanol economy Artificial climate control 

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  1. 1.Energy Committee of the Royal Swedish Academy of SciencesStockholmSweden
  2. 2.Swedish Institute of Space Physics, IRFUmeåSweden

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