Synthesis and Characterization of Fluorenone-Based Donor-Acceptor Small Molecule Organic Semiconductors for Organic Field-Effect Transistors


In this study, a series of new fluorenone-based small molecules were synthesized and characterized as organic semiconductors for organic field-effect transistors. Thermal, optical, and electrochemical properties of the new compounds were characterized. Furthermore, thin films of the developed compounds were employed as organic semiconductors, and vacuum-deposited film of fluorenone derivative with alkylated double thiophene exhibited p-channel device characteristics with hole mobility as high as 0.02 cm2/Vs and current on/off ratio of 107. In addition, surface morphology and microstructure of vacuum deposited films were analyzed and correlated with the electrical characteristics.

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  • organic field effect transistor
  • organic semiconductor
  • fluorenone
  • donor-acceptor