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A Paradigm Shift in Healthcare Provision

Interview with Dr. Jörg Habetha, Senior Director at Philips Research, Department Head ‘Personal Health’
  • Daniel Sonntag
  • Jean Gelissen

A paradigm shift in healthcare provision: avoid diseases before they actually occur and, if they have occurred, manage them more efficiently with the help of Information and Communication Technologies. Instead of waiting for the big bang like a hospitalization with very high associated costs, managing the health of people in their daily life.


You started working for Philips quiet some time ago, what are your main interests in Philips and the health care division?

I can tell about how I started. We had a team in Philips which was looking into this paradigm shift and how we could make it happen. We identified that you can on the one hand offer prevention, so that you avoid diseases, and on the other hand you can manage those people that are already ill, typically the chronically ill, in a more efficient way. In the past chronic disease management was mainly about treating acute episodes of the patients, typically once or twice a year. With our current chronic disease management...

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