FMECA analysis and condition monitoring of critical equipments in super thermal power plant


In the recent years, there is a trend to build super thermal power plants in order to have better economic viability. With the growth of the capacity and size, the complexities of these plants have also grown multifold. There is more chance of fault in the system, when it is more complex. An early detection of these faults can allow time for preventive maintenance before a severe failure occurs. Condition monitoring is implementation of the advanced diagnostic techniques to reduce downtime and to increase the efficiency and reliability. The research is for determining the usage of advanced techniques like Vibration analysis and Oil analysis and to diagnose ensuing problems of the plant and machinery at an early stage and plan to take corrective and preventive actions to eliminate the issue and enhancing the reliability of the system. Now days, most of the industries have adopted the condition monitoring techniques as a part of support system to the basic maintenance strategies. Failure Mode, Effect and Criticality Analysis (FMECA) is associated with condition monitoring to determine the criticality of such unit or machines. It is a design method used to systematically analyze probable component failure modes of product or process, assess the risk associated with these failure modes and find out the resultant effects on system operations. In this study, practical approach have been applied for the FMECA to determine the critical equipments in a super thermal power plant and condition monitoring of such equipments have been done.

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  • Condition monitoring
  • Thermal power plant
  • Vibration analysis
  • FMEA