Solitary Pancreatic Head Metastasis from Ductal Carcinoma of Breast: A Case Report


Liver, bones, and brain are common sites for breast cancer metastasis. We report here a rare scenario of metastasis to pancreatic head from breast cancer after a disease free interval of 7 years. A 60-year old breast cancer survivor noticed upper abdominal pain for 2 weeks, and her investigations revealed a pancreatic head mass lesion. Computed tomography imaging revealed a solitary pancreatic mass lesion with portal cavernoma formation and a guided biopsy yielded adenocarcinoma on histopathological examination. Immunohistochemistry processing demonstrated estrogen receptor, cytokeratin 7, and GATA 3 positivity which confirmed it to be a metastasis. Therapy was initiated with palbociclib and exemestane. Later, everolimus was started in view of failure of hormonal therapy. The patient is still alive 21 months after diagnosing the recurrence.

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