A simple characterization of H-convergence for a class of nonlocal problems


This is a follow-up of the paper J. Fernández-Bonder, A. Ritorto and A. Salort, H-convergence result for nonlocal elliptic-type problems via Tartar’s method, SIAM J. Math. Anal., 49 (2017), pp. 2387–2408, where the classical concept of H-convergence was extended to fractional \(p\)-Laplace type operators. In this short paper we provide an explicit characterization of this notion by demonstrating that the weak-\(*\) convergence of the coefficients is an equivalent condition for H-convergence of the sequence of nonlocal operators. This result takes advantage of nonlocality and is in stark contrast to the local \(p\)-Laplacian case.

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We thank an anonymous referee for noticing us about reference [9]. AE’s research is financially supported by the Villum Fonden through the Villum Investigator Project InnoTop. The work of JCB is funded by FEDER EU and Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad (Spain) through Grant MTM2017-83740-P.

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  • Homogenization of nonlocal problems
  • H-convergence
  • G-convergence

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  • 35B27