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Professor Masaaki Sugihara, one of the former four Area Editors of the Japan Journal of Industrial and Applied Mathematics, passed away on 5 January 2019. He served our journal as an Area Editor from 2006 to 2018. On this occasion I have asked Professor Kazuo Murota, an old friend of Professor Sugihara’s, to write about him. The reader will find his article in one of the coming issues of this journal.

Professor Sugihara was indeed a mathematician of great originality, but he was also a man of a critical mind and wide knowledge in applied mathematics, with which he poured his energy into our journal as an editor. Accordingly, we cannot be thankful enough for his contribution. On behalf of the editors of the Japan Journal of Industrial and Applied Mathematics, I express our deepest sorrow for the loss of one of our best friends and ablest editors.

Hisashi Okamoto, Editor-in-Chief


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