Filters consist of a few resolvents to solve real symmetric definite generalized eigenproblems

  • Hiroshi MurakamiEmail author
Special Feature: Original Paper International Workshop on Eigenvalue Problems: Algorithms; Software and Applications, in Petascale Computing (EPASA2018)


By using a filter, we solve those eigenpairs of a real symmetric definite generalized eigenproblem \(A{\mathbf {v}}=\lambda B{\mathbf {v}}\) whose eigenvalues are in a specified real interval. In present study, the filter is a polynomial of the real-part of a linear combination of a few resolvents, and the polynomial is restricted to a Chebyshev polynomial to make the design of the filter simple. In order to apply a few resolvents, the same number of systems of linear equations with different shifts are solved. In present study, we assume those systems of linear equations are solved by some direct method using matrix factorizations. Since only a few resolvents are used, the number of required factorizations is also a few (2–4).


Filter Eigenproblem Resolvent Polynomial 

Mathematics Subject Classification

94A12 65F15 47A10 



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