Leak Detection System for Long-Distance Onshore and Offshore Gas Pipeline Using Acoustic Emission Technology. A Review


Many petroleum products like oil and gas are transported from one place to another through pipelines, although they can undergo leakage due to pipeline leaks and cause risks to industries, the environment, and people. In this review work, we have presented a comprehensive overview of acoustic emission technology for gas pipeline leak detection. Essential gas leak detection system requirements, principles, terminologies, and risks due to failure of the natural gas pipeline system have been discussed while proposing a surface acoustic wave sensor with a combination of the Hilbert–Huang transforms (HHTs) as the best method for real-time leak detection system in the gas pipeline network. The variation of wave energy causes propagation of elastic waves that can be detected by sensors mounted on the pipeline. Natural gas pipeline networks require a continuous real-time monitoring system to ensure that the pipelines are delivering the products from one station to another at optimum conditions.

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