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Optimization of Stirring Parameters Using CFD Simulations for HAMCs Synthesis by Stir Casting Process

  • Mohit Kumar Sahu
  • Raj Kumar SahuEmail author
Technical Paper


Hybrid aluminum matrix composites (HAMCs) are capable to meet recent demands of advanced engineering applications due to its tunable mechanical properties and lower cost. Stir casting is one of the prominent and economical method for processing of continuous reinforced HAMCs. In this method, flow pattern is the key factor for distribution of particles in the molten metal. Effective flow pattern can be achieved by optimizing stirring parameters i.e. blade angle, impeller size and stirring speed. However, complete study and optimization of flow is a challenge for research community. Finite element method simulation along with optimization technique is one of the effective combination to guide experimental research. In this paper, computational fluid dynamics has been used to simulate fluid flow during stir casting, whereas optimization of stirring parameters is done by Grey Taguchi method. Optimized parameters have been used for experimental synthesis of HAMCs. Furthermore, optical micrograph and hardness confirms about the uniform dispersion of reinforcements. These results may guide the researchers for the preparation of HAMCs with uniform particle distribution by stir casting route for industrial applications.


Hybrid aluminum matrix composite Stir casting Stirring parameter Flow behavior Uniform distribution CFD Simulation Grey–Taguchi method 



Height of crucible


Height of cylindrical portion


Height of bottom curved portion


Top diameter of crucible


Bottom diameter of crucible


Impeller blade diameter


Impeller blade angle


Area of stagnant zone in cylinderical part of the crucible


Area of dead zone in the bottom part of the crucible


Area of cylinder part of the crucible


Area of in bottom part of the crucible


Signal to noise


Degree of freedom


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