Characterisation of Minerals and Ores: On the Complementary Nature of Select Techniques and Beyond

  • Rakesh KumarEmail author


This overview is written as a tribute to my teacher, Professor Arun Kumar Biswas who introduced me to the discipline of minerals characterisation over three decades back. The focus of the paper is on complementary nature of techniques used for mineralogical characterisation of ores, minerals and, intermediate and final products generated during processing. The subject matter is essentially covered in two parts. In the first part, a general outlook is given based on the research summary dealing with a wide spectrum of materials and processes investigated. The potential and limitations of some commonly used tools/techniques are highlighted. In the second part, specific examples are presented under different themes covering phase identification, quantification of phases, heterogeneity in ores, occurrence of minor elements and their reactivity, mechanically activated solids, and lastly, structure-leachability correlations.


Mineralogy Characterisation techniques Heterogeneity in ores Mechanical activation Oxyhydroxide minerals Amorphous solids Structure-leachability correlations 

List of Symbols


Fractional conversion

ε, εc

Microstrain (by XRD)


Change in lattice parameter c, nm


Analytical electron microscope


Atomic force microscope/microscopy


Degree of amorphisation


Attrition milled fly ash


American Society for Metals

B or B-

Birnessite (0.7 nm phase)


Standardised partial regression coefficient for variable j

bo, bj

Parameters of regression equation


Back scattered electron mode in SEM

Bu or Bu-

Buserite (1 nm phase)


Classified fly ash


Crystal field stabilisation energy


Cobalt doped in coprecipitation mode


Crystal Open Database


Inter-planar spacing, nm

d10, d50, d90

Characteristic particle diameters, μm


Differential thermal analysis


Activation energy at fractional conversion α, kJ/mol


Energy dispersive spectrometry


Electron energy loss spectroscopy


Electron microscope


Electron spectroscopy for chemical analysis (same as XPS)


Extended X-ray absorption fine structure spectroscopy


Fly ash


Fraction of iron leached


Fraction of doped element R leached


Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy

G or G-



Ground granulated blast furnace slag


Doping in ion-exchange mode


Infrared spectroscopy


Internal reflectance spectroscopy


Variable number


Joint Committee on Powder Diffraction Standards


Loss on ignition, wt. %


Micro crystalline dimension (by XRD), nm


MCD in <00l> direction, nm


MCD in c- direction, nm


Optical microscope/microscopy


Principal component analysis


Particle size distribution


Quantitative scanning electron microscopy


Quantitative X-ray diffraction analysis


Doped element (Ni/Co/Cu)


Raw fly ash


Binary correlation coefficient between variables x and y


Surface area, m2/g


Selected area electron diffraction


Secondary electron mode in SEM


Scanning electron microscope


Simultaneous milling and leaching


Specific surface area (BET), m2/g


Specific surface area (geometrical), m2/g


Scanning tunnelling microscope/microscopy


Time, min


Nomenclature for manganese oxide minerals


Transmission electron microscope


Thermogravimetric analysis


Milling time, min


Vibratory milled fly ash


Wave length dispersive spectrometry


X-ray absorption near edge structure spectroscopy


X-ray absorption spectroscopy

x or Xj

Independent variable


Dependent variable


X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy


X-ray diffraction


Atomic number



The work reported in this paper is outcome of author’s collaboration with several of his mentors, colleagues and associates. The author would like to thank and express his gratitude for all of them, especially, Prof. S P Mehrotra, late Prof. P Ramachandra Rao (formerly Directors, CSIR-NML); Profs. R K Ray and T R Ramachandran (ex IIT Kanpur); Drs. Sanjay Kumar, T C Alex, S Srikanth, B Ravi Kumar, Swapan Das, late Samar Das, T Mishra, (CSIR-NML); and Dr. Pradip (TRDDC-TCS), Prof. Nirdosh K. Khosla (IIT Bombay) and Dr. Arup Gangopadhyay (Ford Motor Company). Support from Dr. K Muraleedharan (Director, CSIR-NML and CSIR-CGCRI) is gratefully acknowledged.


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