Overcoming the Effect of Sea Water on High Tension Separation of Heavy Minerals

  • S. A. RavishankarEmail author
  • R. Raitani
  • C. Lai
Technical Paper


In heavy minerals, operations, the use of sea water is inevitable at the mine site in gravity separation. However, at the mineral separation plant there is a need to wash the surface to reduce/eliminate the residual ions at the surface which potentially interfere with the high tension separation process. The purpose of this paper is to (a) understand how sea water processing influences the heavy mineral sand’s electrostatic separation, (b) establish the role of fresh water washing in the separation, (c) explore if the chemical enhancement can help to avoid the fresh water wash and (d) identify the overall benefits.


Chemical enhancement Electrostatic separation Sea water Zircon Rutile Heavy minerals High tension separation 



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